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Athletes have coaches, court rooms have attorneys, and Commercial Real Estate Landlords have brokers. Do your business a favor. Hire a Tenant Rep Broker today and have a coach on your team advocating for your rights!

Heidi Hoch, Founder of Hoch Consulting  |  100% Exclusive Tenant Representation. 20+ years experience.

Let’s face the FACTS—the cost of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is one the HIGHEST costs listed in your business operations Profit & Loss statements!  Therefore—CRE holds the highest RISK for any business owner. One wrong move in your lease or owned space could end up CLOSING your business. Doing business in COVID-19 – is no exception—the bar of business risk is set even higher.

The world is stressful enough today!  

Lower your stress by hiring the right Tenant Rep Broker to be on your team to help you navigate the uncharted territory of doing business in our New Normal of business today in America! Having an advocate on your team will exponentially lower your risk in your business operations.

Why hire us?

100% Exclusive Tenant Rep Broker + 20 years experience + focused solely on protecting your business’s interest when Leasing or Buying Commercial Real Estate Office Space & Industrial Space.

No Dual Representation! 
No Landlord Representation!   
No Conflict of Interest!
Yes to Protecting Your Business!

Trusted Advisor for your business. Get a partner not just a Broker. 

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